Supercar impresses at Victoria Day Weekend Speedfest

The Canadian Supercar Series (Supercar) debuted at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park as part of the Victoria Day Speedfest Weekend. The enthusiast spectators were amazed by the field presented on the track as they watched Ferrari, Corvette, Porshe and BMW showcased in front of them.

After a full day of testing, the competitors attempted to set their best qualifying time on a green track on Saturday morning. Guy Leclerc led the way in S1 Class in his Ferrari 458 with a time of 1:24:399. Martin Burrowes was 1.1 seconds back in his Ferrari 458 followed by Tony Ferraro in his Ferrari 458. Simon Dion-Viens led the way in S2 Class in his Corvette with a best time of 1:31:206.

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