The Summer Challenge at Shannonville Motorsport Park will be the highlight of the season for the Canadian Supercar Series. Featuring a mix of new and older sportscars, the series continues to attract drivers looking to showcase their cars in front of large and enthusiastic audiences.

"We have been working to find the right mix of cars," states John Bondar, President of the Canadian Supercar Series. "This year we have opened-up the category and we expect to have a wider range of race cars."

The event will also celebrate the participants of the TouringGT Championship which ran for four years from 2003 to 2006.  The TouringGT Championship was the feature series at most Ontario Regional event weekends and attracted enthusiast from across Canada.  There were two Classes, Touring and GT which were categorized using the now-famous Weight Calculator.  The Weight Calculator was designed by former Ontario Region Race Director Gunter Schmidt and proved to be a solid way to equalize the field.  The event will welcome former drivers and their crew and will help us to celebrate their success.

A special partnership has been formed with Calabogie Motorsports Park to help promote GT racing. Competitors can take advantage of special discount pricing by entering both the May Race Fest Weekend at Calabogie and the Summer Challenge at Shannonville.

There will be three races at both events. The sprint-style format allows for 'all-out' racing between the competitors and leaves little room for on-track misjudgments or mechanical misfortunes.

"Over the years, many competitors have expressed an interest in endurance racing," continued John Bondar. "There may be a way to incorporate one or two endurance races in the 2017 schedule."

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