Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the Canadian Supercar Series (Supercar)?

Supercar is a car racing series for high performance and exotic cars with typically over 400 horsepower.  Supercar provides an environment for drivers to showcase their race cars and to challenge other car makes of similar performance.  Supercar encourages hard but fair competition under a code of respectful driving.  Supercar is comprised of new model production-based cars such as the Ford Mustang, Porsche 996/997, Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Viper, BMW M3, Chevrolet Corvette, Ferrari 360/460/F430 and Nissan GT-R.  All cars compete on the track at the same time.

2. Where are the races?

There will be two races in 2016.  Both will be at Shannonville Motorsport Park during the Summer Challenge on July 16/17, 2016.

3. How can I race in Supercar?

All drivers must be licensed by ASN Canada FIA or an ASN-afiliated Region. US citizens must hold a National or Pro licence issued by and FIA-affiliated racing organization and an ASN Canada FIA membership. For drivers new to racing, you should consider taking an approved racing school and demonstrate your capabilities at the amateur level before competing in Supercar.

4. Is my race car eligible for competition?

All race cars must conform to the Supercar Regulations. The Regulations are available on the website under Rules.  Eligible vehicle models are listed in the Regulations.  Most vehicles that fit into IMSA GS Class, World Challenge GTS/GT Class, PCA GTC-3/4/5 Class, Viper Cup and Ferrari Challenge are also eligible to compete in Supercar.  Application may be made to Supercar for models not currently listed in the Regulations by call or sending an email outlining your vehicle.

5. How do I register for Supercar?

Supercar Registration Forms are available on the Supercar website. Please complete all of the Forms and return them to the Supercar office along with your Registration Fee by July 9, 2016.

6. How do I get the Supercar decals and patches?

Supercar decals and patches will be available at the first event.

7. What kind of tires is used in Supercar?

Tires are unrestricted.

8. How do I enter a Supercar event?

Supercar Entry Forms are available on the Supercar website. The form and payment must be returned to the Supercar office at least one week prior to the event being entered.

9. What are the Supercar fees?

Supercar fees are shown on the Registration and Entry Forms and are available on the Supercar website.